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The Law Firm

 Founded in 1992

Looking for a law firm that is committed to your success? Look no further than Eckhart Alford Law Firm. Our experienced lawyers offer a range of comprehensive legal services tailored to your individual needs, so you can be confident in achieving the outcomes you desire.

Eckhart Alford Law Firm

Our Vision

Welcome to Eckhart Alford Law Firm. We are a trusted family-owned law firm dedicated to providing expert legal services to families in need. Our experienced team of attorneys has the knowledge and expertise to navigate complex legal matters with ease. We pride ourselves on providing personalized legal advice and representation to clients in a timely and efficient manner. With our commitment to integrity, honesty, and excellence, you can rest assured that your legal matters are in good hands.

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Ms. Fredye Long Alford


Fredye was the first female attorney in all of south Arkansas, beginning her practice in 1976, after graduating 5th in her class from the University of Arkansas School of Law in Fayetteville.  She has resided in St. Louis, Missouri and Texas and holds law licenses in Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri (inactive) as well.  She earned her math degree from Northeast Louisiana University, Summa Cum Laude in three years.


Fredye is a Civil Litigation Attorney.  Her main focus has evolved to be contested probate matters, although she still does her share of family law and other business litigation.  


Fredye is the widow of the late Honorable Edwin J. Alford from Howard County, Arkansas.  She enjoys practicing law now with her son, Brandon.

Being her father’s only child, Fredye continues the family cattle operation with Texas longhorn mama cows.  She also continues to ride horses whenever she is not playing duplicate bridge.  Although she got a slight late start playing bridge, she is determined to become a life master before she dies. 

Our Team

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.


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At Eckhart Alford Law Firm, we believe that our clients are our top priority. Our attentive and experienced team works with you to provide the legal services you need, in a way that meets your unique situation. Trust us to provide you with the best possible representation for your case.

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